Capital Planning & Investment Control

Belton Associates provides support services to federal government agencies in developing and implementing its strategic IT planning, ensuring that established plans are in compliance with a complex array of legacy, emerging and sometimes conflicting legislative and executive branch oversight requirements. We interpret, research, clarify, develop strategies, report and comply with oversight requirements for customer IT management, policy and planning. In order to better serve our clients, Belton Associates staff researches the latest legislation and regulations to incorporate the latest requirements into our clients standards and Enterprise Architecture in order to comply with the following regulations:

Belton Associates provides the following Capital Planning and Investment Control services:

Long Range Strategic Planning

Government clients needs are constantly evolving. Government agencies are supported by and extensive IT infrastructure: local area network, public and private Internet capabilities, as well as multiple application systems. In addition, government customers participate in interagency and interdepartmental initiatives. All of these factors affect strategic and tactical IT planning. We assist our clients in structuring their future acquisitions to best serve their business functions, public relations and other requirements.

IT Capital Planning and Reporting

We use prescribed methodology for planning and implementing IT initiatives. We perform analysis and documentation at each phase of the major projects lifecycle; reporting and update of major initiative justification and management summaries to the Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) via the OMB Exhibit 300 reporting process; budget collection and reporting via OMB Exhibits 43 and 53 reports.

Security, Accreditation and Certification

We provide assistance to the IT Security Offices in researching and documenting the annual security plans. We compile annual reports to oversight and documentation to support security certification and accreditation requirements, such as Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), Security Categorization, Risk Assessment, and Contingency Plan. We develop and provide training on the security issues, as well as stress and penetration tests support services.

System/Initiative Management Reviews

Legislative requirements require periodic review and update of all major systems alternatives analysis, risk management, security risk, E-government compliance, etc. We assist the customer in performing Development, Implementation, Post Implementation, Operational and Periodical reviews to ensure that their initiatives are managed cost-effectively based on the latest government regulations and industry technology advancements.

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